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The general conditions contained in this legal warning regulate access and use of the website that Madbasket Store SL makes available to Internet users, notwithstanding that this circumstance may change in accordance with the general condition 2. Access to it implies the unreserved acceptance of these conditions. The use of certain services offered on this site is also governed by the specific conditions stipulated in each case, which is considered accepted by the mere use of such services.

display, print and download the contents of the Web page is authorized only and exclusively if the following conditions: It must be compatible with the purposes of the Web page. It is done with the sole purpose of obtaining information for personal and private use. commercial use or for distribution, public communication, transformation or decompilation it is expressly prohibited purposes. That none of the contents on the Web page are modified in any way. No graphic, icon or image available on the website be used, copied or distributed separately from the rest of images that accompany it. Unauthorized use of the information contained on the website use, resale, and any breach of the rights of intellectual property Madbasket Store S.L. will result in legal action.

2.1. Overall Both access to the website and the unauthorized use which may be made of the information contained therein is the sole responsibility of the user.
2.2. Performance and availability of Web Site Store Madbasket S.L. It reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, modifications and updates of the information contained on the website, the configuration and presentation and access conditions. Store Madbasket S.L. is not responsible for security errors that may occur or for any damages caused to user's computer system (hardware and software), or the files or documents stored therein as a result of: The presence of a virus on the user's computer that is used for connection to services and contents of the web page. A malfunction of the browser. The use of non-updated versions. Store Madbasket S.L. It reserves the right to terminate your access to the Website or any of its contents at any time and without notice.
2.3. The content and quality of service Madbasket Store S.L. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the linked Web page content, provided they are alien to it, or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in it that may cause alterations in the computer system (hardware and software) in the documents or user files, excluding any liability for damages of any kind caused to the user for this reason.
In the event that any user, client or third party considers that the content or services provided by linked sites are illegal or injure goods or rights of the own user, a customer or a third party liable for compensation, and in particular, consist of:
Activities or contents that could be considered criminal under Spanish criminal law. Activities or contents that violate intellectual or industrial property. Activities or contents that endanger public order, criminal investigation, public security and national defense. Activities or contents that endanger the protection of public health, respect for the dignity of the person and the principle of non-discrimination and the protection of health and children. You can make it known to Madbasket Store S.L., however, the reception of said communication will not represent knowledge for the purposes of liability under Article 17 of the LSSICE
Store Madbasket S.L. is not responsible for the lack of usefulness or suitability for a specific use of this Web Site.
Store Madbasket S.L. nor is responsible for any damages suffered by the User for any errors or omissions that could suffer the contents of this Website, although it is committed to monitoring and periodically monitor the content and information thereof
2.4. Store the use Madbasket S.L. shall not be liable for any use that Users make the Web Site or the Content, or for any damages arising therefrom.
2.5. Links to other websites Any link to the Web page should be your main page, is expressly prohibited "deep links", "framing" and any other use of the contents of the Web page, for unauthorized third parties. Through this website the user can access Web sites belonging to and / or managed by third parties. The presence of such links is merely informative, not in any way constitute an invitation to purchase products or services offered on the Website of destination. The user accesses his own responsibility, and under the conditions of use that govern them. You acknowledge and agree that Madbasket Store S.L. it is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damages caused by access to such links. Should Madbasket Store S.L. becomes aware that the information or activity to which it is sent from these links is illegal, criminal or could damage property or rights of a third party liable for compensation, act with due diligence to remove or disable the link with knowledge as soon as possible

Use of the Web page does not give the user any rights on trademarks, trade names, logos or designs of any kind that appear on the Web page. Articles, news, legislation and other public content whose intellectual property rights do not belong to Madbasket Store S.L. They are published for the sole purpose of informing the users of this page. Store Madbasket S.L. owns the source code, design, navigation structure, databases and the different software elements of the Web page as well as the rights of intellectual property relating to the content code included therein.

Store Madbasket S.L. guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal information, addresses, payment and any other type provided by our customers in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13 Protection of Personal Data. All data provided by our customers or employees will be included in an automated file of personal data. The main purpose of this file is to maintain the contractual relationship with our customers, facilitate the processing of orders, statistical studies and sending news, advertising for products and services marketed by Madbasket Store S.L. Store Madbasket S.L. ensures confidentiality of data and guarantees that in no case be transferred to any other use without prior written consent of our clients. In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Madbasket Store customers S.L. may at any time exercise their rights of access, correction or deletion of their personal data. We remind you to re-subscribe to our newsletter, you can do so from

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